Ortu is the Latin word for RISING

for us, to rise is to let go, to believe, to create, to invest, to stay true to our intentions.

This s a conscious and intencional space to explore art & design, and let them create their own language and meaning.
It's no pure art or just design, but the small shadow where it both coexist.

It's a celebration of Nature and Femininity, through art and design.

A connection to our three homes:

body, mind and planet

Being aware and supporting self-care and care for the planet, this project is much more than a sustainable brand.
Ortu is a lifestyle that doesn't follow trends, seasonal collections or the "one type product" brand idea. The aim is to focus our energy and creativity to create something bigger, whether it's a body garment, a painting on a wall, a piece of decor for a house or simply a daily reminder phrase.

Any product we create it's intended to be special and unique, for this reason, we believe in exclusive and limited editions.


Textile Designer & Photographer

Hello, I'm Aida! I'm de founder and creative director of Ortu. I’m very happy you’ve found your way here. 

Ortu is starting as one my personal projects: I want to do something for myself, and by myself. Being vegan and passionate about nature and the planet, I want to create a product line, build a creative space and platform that can be functional without compromising anything else.

I draw my inspiration for our products from the gorgeous nature we are lucky to be surrounded with in Portugal.

My aim is to follow my dream as a textile designer and still preserve the planet, trying to always make conscious choices in our production and materials.